New kind of SENSOR that is simple, beautiful and useful


Real ambient in real time mood light

Fun & magical

Experience using airbubble LED light is fun! The light gently changes color by your indoor ambient and you can see it in real time! That is truly magical.

Simple & different

The sensor is actually wrapped into bubblelicious LED mood light. Seeing your air quality is therefore very simple and understandable even to children.

Objective & useful

It is a constant reminder and a real reference of your indoor air quality. Knowing your air indoors can significantly improve your well-being and productivity.

New age technology enables some cool features!


The technology behind brings even more from airbubble!

  • checkBluetooth connectivity
  • checkReal time changes
  • checkMobile app

Mood lights

Colours signfically affect our well-being and can actually improve it!

  • checkReal time mood light
  • checkLED technology
  • checkOver a million possible colors

Smart sensors

New generation of sensors can make this product possible!

  • checkAir quality sensor
  • checkCO2 sensor
  • checkOdor sensor

What does it measure?

The sensor inside the airbubble measures air quality, more specifically:

  • checkVOC - volatile organic compounds
  • checkCO2
  • checkNH3
  • checkNOx
  • checkAlcohol
  • checkBenzene
  • checkSmoke

What do you gain with the use of airbubble?

Airbubble constantly remineds you how bad is your air. Don`t let others tell you or even worse - don get used to it! True color changing led light, mobile app or on your PC you can see and learn how to ventilate properly.
Knowing when and how to ventilate can:

  • checkLower energy cost
  • checkReduce drowsines
  • checkIncrease productivity
  • checkImprove wellbeing
  • checkReduce nasty smells
  • checkReduce illnesses
  • checkImprove indoor air

What do the experts say?

Environmental protection agency

We spent almost 90% indoors where the air is 2-5 times more polluted then outdoors.

EPA - Environmental Protection Agency

World health organisation

The average adult breathes over 3000 gallons of air every day. Children breathe even more air per pound of their body weight.

WHO - World Health Organization

Berkeley Laboratory

Studies have found that moderatly low indoor concentrations of carbon dioxide can significantly empair peoples decision making performance.

Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory